He is light


Piercing. Illuminating. Pushing back the shadows.

Erasing. Overcoming. Eradicating the darkness.

Light. It pulsates warmth, empowers hope, penetrates persistently.

What is the light? Who is the light?

It is a person. A person who sits at the feet of a throne. Praying with power. He is the light, He is love. He is living water. He worships His Father and lavishes His affection on the broken world, whispering hope to the generations. Raising his voice to the nations.

Nothing can separate us from His love. Nothing can separate us from His light. The darkness cannot comprehend it. Death cannot defeat it. Our destiny lies within the light, within His eyes, inside His heart.


He holds the world together, holding fast the covenant of heaven. The covenant He made with His blood. Light spills from Him, out of Him, through Him, around Him, inside of Him, flooding from His being to the world.

We receive the light, letting it fill us, heal us, complete us and surround us with compassion, comfort, passion and peace.


He is good. He is faithful. His is just. He is light and in Him is no darkness.

Darkness has no place, has no authority, it has no momentum.


In Him and through Him we have our being. He is the birth of freedom. He is the bearer of goodness. His greatness makes the mountains tremble.

We are the manifestation of His magnificence. We love because He first loved us. He is perfection and in Him we found perfect peace. 


His eyes are my tomorrow. His words are the testimony of my future. He is goodnesss. He is kindness. He is love.


He is everything I have ever longed for and dreamed of.

Light is my destiny. Light is my future, my tomorrow. My today.

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  1. robertadosa says:

    Wonderful, Tasha. I’m in the kitchen making dinner and listening to praise music that is feeding me and here your words have fed me as well. Thank you! What a sweet blessing you are to us! We love you! Mom

    Sent from my iPhone


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  2. themothersheart says:

    Hello sweetheart, I absolutely love this post also! Sent it to some friends. 😄
    May I give you a grammatical correction that I noticed toward the end of the post? The reason I am saying something now is I have seen you do this a few times before with this exact issue… Put in the word is instead of are. Something to be aware of. 😉

    His eyes are, not is, my tomorrow.

    Love you to pieces and so very proud of you!!! 💗

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