September reflections

I spent two, maybe three hours, last week writing on a blog. It just didn’t turn out, which is why nothing was posted last week. So this is attempt number #2 and its Monday. I am not sure where the time goes. Its already September and I am 24 weeks into this pregnancy. Over half way there. Its basically still summer here in Norway, but the days are getting colder and rainier. No frost yet, so the flowers are still blooming and there is still a few apples on the trees and berries on the bushes. The kids boots are crusted with mud each day after school and dripping rain suits hang in our entry hall. We still sleep with our windows open at night, but all snuggled under our down Norwegian duvet comforters. (There is not really another option of blankets in this country I think) The carrot fields near our house should be harvested soon, the plowed fields around them are black and soggy with moisture from the rains. And yes, it rains almost every day, even if its only for a few minutes. Humidifiers are being pulled out to help stuffy noses and essentials oils are being applied you better believe it.

So now we are beginning our year three in living in Norway. It feels so long ago that we moved from Texas. We went back to visit for the first time this summer and strangely enough it still felt like home, but in some ways Norway feels that way too. I don’t know, I loved every minute in Texas, but I was also okay with coming back to Norway and finally being in our own house again. I think having a physical house is a big deal for me, so wherever that is makes all the difference. I miss the States though and all the little nuances of familiarity and belonging that no other country can really replace. But its been nice to have a schedule again, with kids back in school, prepping for baby, working in the Comms office and slow relaxed evenings and weekends. (At least for this month, it gets busier and busier the farther we get into the autumn season)

Speaking of baby and pregnancy we found out the gender recently. Still keeping it a secret for now, but it will announced soon. I have midwife appointments every month. Here in Norway, if you have a healthy, no complications pregnancy than a midwifes do all the work for care and delivery. An OBYN is only needed if you need specialized care. I do still meet with our family doctor as well, but he is not an OB. I’ve received very good care so far and its been a very smooth process. I’m really enjoying the midwife I have. So for all of you keep asking if I am coming back to the States to have the baby, the answer is no. I’m very content to have the baby in Norway. And in case any of you did not know, Norway is ranked in the top five countries in the world with the lowest infant mortality rate. That super comforting! I think for a lot of us Americans we can’t imagine anywhere else outside of our own country being safer, but there is a lot of great medical care in countries other than the US. All that to say, I do miss my doctor back in Abilene a lot.

As we settle back into our routine of life here in Norway, after a long, busy summer of traveling, I am reminded over and over again to live fully in the moment. There are many things to worry and fuss about in life, and yes we have to practically deal with many issues day in and day out, but most things are solved within a day or even hours. Life goes on and it is good. God is good. He is faithful to His promises and He faithfully leads us in spirit and in truth. Living on a farm in Norway, I can’t fail to be reminded of how the seasons of life lead one into another, as I watch the fields be plowed, planted, grown and harvested each year. Everything leans into the next thing, but we have to embrace what we have in the moment. Eat the apples, smell the rain, clean away the mud. Look for the hidden little joys in each season.

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  1. themothersheart says:

    Again…. Love it all darling I just love to read your stuff! Always washes over me – sweet and powerfully!
    I love you so much and I’m so proud of you!!!
    (naloni just hit 30 weeks – crazy how much y’all have done this baby thing together! I’m going to laugh if it’s a girl!😁)

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  2. bbrockmand says:

    Love your perspective, Tasha. And I sure love you!🌹🕊♥️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rachel Hill says:

    ❤ so excited for you all and that precious new baby!

    Liked by 1 person

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