Let’s not be afraid to fail

I’ve got two pages of blog topic and title ideas that I keep on hand for inspiration these days. The problem is I can’t ever decide exactly how to write most of them. So many ideas I could write on are directly or indirectly connected to controversial, complicated or maybe even offensive topics to some audiences. Yet so many of these are also connected to deep core values that I believe. Like everyone else I struggle with receiving public criticism and even more importantly I really hate having my intentions misunderstood.

But it feels like no matter how carefully worded your write it or how thoughtfully and insightfully you approach it these days you are going to be slammed from all perspectives and opposing views. And it’s not just the blaring opposite opinions and beliefs it’s all the dozens of other of nuanced and slightly variant views as well. I feel like most people agree with each other more than they think, but they get so stuck on 2% or 5% that separates them from others.

It feels like if I sit down to write anything I need to have considered an overwhelming amount of views before even typing one word…and how dare I leave someone out. From motherhood, to religion, to ethics, to race, to politics, to theology, to gender roles, to health and probably another dozen others I’m forgetting or not aware of. It’s exhausting.

Then I on top of all this I feel this pressure to be raw, honest and real because you know everyone says they want honesty, but mostly that just means they enjoy gossip and making themselves feel better about their own lives, not because they actually care. And then if I actually have good things going on my life I feel guilty sharing them because it might hurt someone feelings because that specific area of joy or victory for me is their place of hurt and brokenness. So again how dare I be insensitive.

If let myself these feelings and pressures can make me feel voiceless and powerless and expressionless. Yet as a woman and millennial I am suppose to be living in a modern age of empowerment and self expression and fulfillment. And I am not just talking about the secular world, but also the Christian one too. Yet, still I find myself holding my tongue more often than not and setting aside yet another blog topic over and over again to the bottom of the pile. (Not that this is just about being a woman, but it’s hard to not even vaguely mention that) I can hear the accusing voices in my head saying these phrases “You are not balanced enough yet.” “You are not educated enough yet.” “You haven’t studied enough theology on this view yet.” “Don’t be too strong and insensitive.” “Don’t be too soft and apologetic.” “You weren’t born in that country or have the right ethnic background so you could never understand.” “You are too honest.” “You are not honest enough.” And on and on.

And then you just look at the world around you competing and screaming and yelling to be heard. I sometimes I don’t really even care anymore about having voice or saying what I think is true or not true. Why add another sound to the chaos out there, because no one is really listening?

People don’t know what it means to learn or listen anymore. Everyone is eager to be teachers, influencers and leaders, but still can’t figure out who they even are. Failure and being wrong must be avoided at all costs, or used to an advantage to gain popularity and power. The world is swirling with millions without hope or truth or understanding.

I don’t have that much experience or wisdom or knowledge really if I’m honest. I mean I know a few things maybe worth talking about, but overall I don’t want to add my voice to all that noise. But there is a Truth worth talking about. There is a right perspective worth having. It triumphs over every human being’s logic, reason, opinion and knowledge. It comes from a Man who is King. In James it says that, ” If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach and it will be given him.” (1:5)

I don’t think the point is to be silent, but we could do with a lot more silence in the world. A lot more thinking and learning. Less offense and slower assumptions. Rejoice with those who rejoice, mourn with those who mourn, give honor and dignity to your friends and your enemies, repent of wrong without hesitancy, speak the truth with boldness and clarity and don’t be afraid.

I’m not sure what topics I will eventually write in the future, but just needed to write this out for what it is worth today.

Ask of the King for wisdom. Seek to learn. Don’t be afraid to fail, but also don’t be afraid of silence.

Check out my other blog that is related to this: https://natashadosa.wordpress.com/2019/04/29/why-truth-is-a-person/

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  1. tanderson147 says:

    Yes! Just, yes! The enemy would love to silence those whose voice will make a difference for the kingdom! He loves to make loud those who bring hate and division, to bring more hurt upon an already broken world only to mask the hurt as justice. All of us, as God’s people, just by picking up the pen should expect that there will be offense. In that offense, let the grace and mercy of Christ rule our hearts so that those offended can be shown the love of Christ. And most definitely, don’t be afraid! You are a blessing to many, Tasha! ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. themothersheart says:

    Sooo dang good girl!!
    And true
    And right!
    I love it Tasha and I love your heart and I love to hear your honest thoughts.
    And I will venture to say… People want to know your opinion… That’s why they are reading you! 😉
    So honestly….You do You! 💗

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    Liked by 1 person

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