A new chapter for the blog

I am so out of things to write or talk about when it comes to motherhood or missions or living overseas. There is a ginormous amount of content I could write from, but it’s all so much in process. Sometimes things like that you have to live in for a while and step back from before you can really write from a place of clarity. I mean I’m all about raw and messy, but sometimes raw and messy is so draining. And to be really honest it is just not the kind of thing I really enjoy writing to begin with. I’m so much more of a creative storyteller than a mommy blogger.

There…I said it. Yes, I would so so much rather be writing creative fiction then sharing about my latest parenting victory. As much as I know real life blogging can be a ministry, I think creative writing has so much more potential and depth to impact the world. I also have a bachelors degree in English Literature, so there is a lot more investment I’ve put into this area of my life than most.

And if anyone missed my post last spring, yes, I am currently working on writing the first draft of a novel. (Actually finishing one, because I have started dozens) It was supposed to be finished by now, but well you know, I sorta of got pregnant by surprise this last year. I’m still writing on it. I have not stopped, just slowed down.

It’s funny writing about this because I have to acknowledge the fact that a huge portion of my life is spent working in missions overseas and being a mom. I know people probably wonder how I have time to even journal let alone post a blog or write a book. To be honest if something matters to you, if something is priority you make it happen. It’s that simple. Writing keeps me healthy, it’s keeps me connected to Jesus and keeps me sane. Over the last 2-3 years Phil and I both have discovered that if we create a space for me to write every week, I come out of that time a better mother, friend, wife and over all human being and lover of Jesus. But for real, if something like that impacts all the other areas in your life so positively why would you not prioritize it? I’m so thankful that I have such an amazing husband that champions this area of my life.

Something I find so much more meaningful to write instead of blogs about current life experiences, is to instead take those experiences and rewrite them as creative short stories. I am saying this because I’ve decided to make this blog primarily about short stories now. I know many of you have sent me messages or left comments in the past asking me to write more of this type of writing. So I am starting a new chapter to do just that.

Before I write my next short story I just wanted to say thank you for all my readers and followers up to this point. If you have not had a chance yet to read all my short stories from before. I will link them below. More are coming!

The Battlefield

The Mountain

A Desert Moment


Spoken Power

Widow of Nain

Am I not enough?

I will go

The blazing eyes of a king

The Defender

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  1. psdosa says:

    Exciting! I am proud of you and like where this is headed. Excited for the next post.

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