Gooney Bird Greene Book Review

Lois Lowry is one of my favorite authors hands down, no question about it. Some how I had missed the fact that she also wrote children’s books which probably have been around for a while. So recently my eight year old daughter and myself sat down to read Gooney Bird Greene together aka she read I listened. We started with the three books-in-one which included Gooney Bird Greene, Gooney Bird and the Room Mother and Gooney Bird the Fabulous. 

What a fun, hilarious and beautifully crafted series of books. Obviously written for my daughter’s age level with themes and dialogue that fit her interests and understanding, yet so smart and sarcastic at times with its surprisingly mature language. My daughter loved asking me what the “big” words meant. It was so amazing how the entire book is set in a second grade classroom and yet Lowry creatively made that room come alive with wonder and humor and life as Gooney Bird Greene filled every page with her energy and boldness. That’s some good writing. Lowry did not lean on her setting to make the story good, but focused on the depth of her characters. The good writing also came in the little details sprinkled through each chapter whether it was Gooney Bird’s crazy clothing choices or the silence from that one girl in class who never spoke or the teacher’s knowing smile. 

It’s hard to find a way to critique Lois Lowry. She is an amazing writer with that remarkble ability to capture the human nature. She is not over wordy and yet every scene she writes is brimming with color and description. You can feel, hear, see and touch it.

I highly recommend Gooney Bird Green book for young girls. Do yourself a favor and go out buy these books for your kids now!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. You can purchase this book on amazon by clicking on this link. Have a great day!

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