Review of Kirsten McTernan’s Homeschooling: You can do it!

Kirsten McTernan has written a must read book for anyone out there even the list bit curious about homeschooling their children. As a second generation homeschooler and someone very familiar with that education culture from a student perspective I was impressed out how Kirsten tackled so many of the “obstacles” that many people feel is hovering over them when they think about homeschooling. Her practical solutions peel back the mystery and confront the fear and excuses that even I struggle with at times as I begin to experience the flip side of now being a teacher for my own kids.

There are three things I appreciate from this book. First, all the research she has gathered and organized. There are so many resources in this book. If you are overwhelmed on where to start, Kirsten provides dozens of links and names of curriculums and resources that are tried and true. Especially all the extra-curricular activities ideas and tips. It is amazing the rich, cultural and societal experiences you can provide for your children to expose them to such a variety of people, places, sports, art, and travel etc. I love how she politely, but firmly does away with the misconception that homeschooled kids are not socialized. I mean it is 2021 and homeschooling has never been bigger in the USA right now. So at this point if you still think that, well…just read this book.

Second, I love her perspective on how anyone can homeschool, even single parents. For half of my high school years I was homeschooled by a single parent. This was while my mom was starting her own company. So I have seen first hand how it can be done under difficult circumstances. Kirsten provides so many solutions, resources and tips to make this process so much easier and debunk a lot of stigma around the idea that only certain families or people are capable of homeschooling.

Third, I love all the testimonials at the end of the book. So many first hand stories with people from various backgrounds and experiences. This was one of the most valuable things in this book. I love hearing about other parents’ lives and the reasons why they chose homeschooling. There are so many different catalysts that push us towards homeschooling, but the desire is always to create closer family bonds and develop a love for learning. It is so encouraging to know other families are making hard choices and sacrifices despite challenges and succeeding.

If you are in any way remotely curious to homeschool your kids. READ this book.

Find it on Amazon here

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