A new chapter for the blog

Something I find so much more meaningful to write instead of blogs about a current life experiences, is to instead take those experiences and rewrite them as a creative short stories. I am saying this because I’ve decided to make this blog primarily about short stories now. I know many of you have sent me messages or left comments in the past asking me to write more of this type of writing. So I am starting a new chapter to do just that.

My top 10 non-fiction books

So I am finally getting around to sharing my list of top non-fiction books that have most influenced me. Many of these were books I read back in high-school, but had significant influence in my spiritual and emotional growth as a young adult. A few are from later on. It is really is hard to choose my top ten because I have read so many good books over the years, but I am going to force myself to choose.

My top 10 fiction books

So if you know me than you know I love books, especially fiction. I’m not afraid to say it. Stories have impacted my life. I spent five years in college studying literature so I’m a bit of nerd in that respect. Jesus seemed to love fictional stories to because He used them to teach the crowds in the gospels. So I feel like I am in good company.

How I started writing

I always loved stories growing up, I mean don’t we all. But I didn’t grow up with much tv until my high school years. So all my elementary years are completely immersed in reading. I swear I’ve read over a thousand books since the age of six years old. I’ve been slowly adding to my Goodreads account over the last decade as I remember books I’ve read. I’m currently at 681. I really do love to read. It why I picked English as my major in college. Books just make sense to me. They always have.

How fiction helped me know God

The language in which the author wrote it was easy to read, yet very visceral and raw, so full of emotion and imagery. The way in which he described God and described the character that represented Jesus in the story was like nothing I had ever heard before even though everything about it came from the bible. I remember crying and yelling and even sweating at certain points in the books because it gripped me with an intensity and a deep, heart-shaking reality.

Battle Field

The wounds were deep and gushing blood. Agony was beginning to blind the strength of my sight; in my weakness the sword slipped from my sweaty palms. I fell to my knees on the trampled battlefield…