A new chapter for the blog

Something I find so much more meaningful to write instead of blogs about a current life experiences, is to instead take those experiences and rewrite them as a creative short stories. I am saying this because I’ve decided to make this blog primarily about short stories now. I know many of you have sent me messages or left comments in the past asking me to write more of this type of writing. So I am starting a new chapter to do just that.

Why I think tension is important in my social media content

I want to use social media in a way that inspires people to want to know Jesus and not because my photos have the perfect lighting but because I am willing to live my life openly for others to see. Sometimes my life is beautiful and sometimes it really sucks. It can both at the same time. There is a tension.

Battle Field

The wounds were deep and gushing blood. Agony was beginning to blind the strength of my sight; in my weakness the sword slipped from my sweaty palms. I fell to my knees on the trampled battlefield…