My top 10 fiction books

So if you know me than you know I love books, especially fiction. I’m not afraid to say it. Stories have impacted my life. I spent five years in college studying literature so I’m a bit of nerd in that respect. Jesus seemed to love fictional stories to because He used them to teach the crowds in the gospels. So I feel like I am in good company.

The Mountain

Once there was a village, a quite small village compared to most, and it sat at the bottom of a great mountain. In this village lived many children, of all ages, who had lived their entire lives in this village and were delighted to always live here. Every day they danced through the gardens, played with their sheep and sang songs together in the village square.Far above them, at the top of the mountain, hidden by towering trees, was a castle and in this castle the King lived.

Battle Field

The wounds were deep and gushing blood. Agony was beginning to blind the strength of my sight; in my weakness the sword slipped from my sweaty palms. I fell to my knees on the trampled battlefield…